Symphonie Cinétique (2013)

A collaborative work between musician Olafur Arnalds and artist Joachim Sauter, the Poetry of Motion studies the symbiosis between music and motion. The installations consist of objects in motion, namely mirrors, metal plates and metal spheres. Through music, these objects move and reflect light in different manner, which brings the static space a sense of dynamism.

The concept was to give personality and unique characteristics to each object within the space. One may dance when the piano is being played, while another may react to strings. With this concept in mind, Sauter created five pieces: Delta Phi (fig 1.0), Resonance (fig 1.1), Infinite Cube (fig 1.2), Tri (fig 1.3), and Manta Rhei (1.4).


Fig 1.0. Delta Phi from The Poetry of Motion

Delta Phi was designed based on light refraction on water. Greek letters are encoded into each facet of the surface, from which light must be reflected from in order to have legible letters appear in the room. The piece is based from Greek, where Phi signifies luminous flux, and Delta signifies movement.


Fig 1.1. Resonance from The Poetry of Motion

Resonance consists of light, and moving mirrors. The simple piece was created in order to expand space in a dynamic approach.


Fig 1.2. Infinite Cube from The Poetry of Motion

This installation confines spheres in a mirrored box. Through a narrative, the spheres’ movement depict fluidity, in which the movement extends infinitely from an optical illusion.


Fig 1.3. Tri from The Poetry of Motion

Tri explores darkness and light through triangular mirrors. Through translation and rotation, the structure takes part in a choreography between the space, light and shadow.


Fig 1.4. Manta Rhei from The Poetry of Motion

This installation investigates the relation between natural and artificial, and the boundaries between animate and inanimate. The kinetic sculpture choreographs lights and movements into harmonious patterns and conflicting patterns. Manta Rhei blurs boundaries by evoking autonomy in animated object.