1. Teensy 3.5 (2) (Abra)
  2. XBee Mesh (?) (Spikenzies)
  3. Large Surface Transducer (5cm x 3 cm) 19.95$ (Spikenzies)
  4. Cushion filling
    1. First solution: 2lb // 20$ — Would make two normal 16×16” pillows (Amazon)
    2. Second solution: 10lb // 77.05$ — Would make 5 pillows (Amazon)
    3. We use one pillow at home, and then see the weight of the filling we actually need, and if the vibration and stuff doesn’t get absorbed by the filling
    4. Bean bag filling:
  5. First layer of cloth : Free (I got enough cloth, I believe…)
  6. Metal non-conductive sheet to construct box for surface transducers//Plastic
    1. The more fibrous a material is the better the absorption; conversely denser materials are less absorptive. The sound absorbing characteristics of acoustical materials vary significantly with frequency. In general low frequency sounds are very difficult to absorb because of their long wavelength.  
  7. Fluffy cloth for extra sass (35$/meter)
  8. Pressure sensor/Velostat (28x28cm) – 5.95$

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