What should we focus on and what do we have to implement in terms of the code?

  1. Test tilt sensors
  2. Test pressure sensors
  3. Voice detection
  4. Guitar detection
  5. Vibration output
  6. Particle system/Projection
  7. Serial communication from Arduino to Processing
    1. Theory:
    2. Exercise from Arduino to Processing :

Design foundations

  1. Texture
  2. Agency
    1. How much freedom does the user have?
    2. Is the user free to influence rules of the system?
  3. Opacity
    1. How clear is the network?
    2. Are the connections easily visible or are they hidden?
    3. (Easy to interact with, without necessarily knowing the connection exists)
  4. Reflexivity
    1. How do you know what is happening in the network?
    2. Feedback – knowing that the rules of a system are enforced

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